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Aquarius. Born in Lisbon and raised in the beautiful south side city of Setúbal. I´m an ultimate lover of the food and beverage field, laughter congregations and everything that involves sharing meaningful moments with your loved ones. I never say no to a dance floor or to barefoot moments, especially salty and sandy feet after a long day at the beach.

Professionally speaking, I majored in Leisure Management and Tourism Animation and worked for two years on events management in Portugal. Later on, I embraced an abroad challenge and moved to Dubai to work as stewardess for a Middle-Eastern Airline. Boeings and Airbuses became my office, a second home and traveling my daily routine.

I love to cook, not only food but also stories, mainly travel stories that I share in this little blogging corner of mine. Here you won´t find many articles related to tips or the best spots for you to dine at certain destinations. In a “Once upon time..” kind of format I share stories behind the stimulus I sensed in each place I passed by.

Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride!


Maria Bonifácio Lopes

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