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Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary | Brisbane, Australia

Last week, I returned to Brisbane. I love Aussie cities, there´s always some kind of artistic movement going on around the corner. Guitar, saxophone players, singers, break-dancers, artists, sculptors, etc.

Besides there are the Bagel Bars, where you can stuff your favorite ingredients in the freshest bagel; the Sushiro stores with a wide variety of roles ready to bite; the Pie Face stores where all kinds of pies are topped with a “emoji”. Also, there´s TimTam, the best biscuit to mate along with your coffee. Last but actually least, Vegemite, the most inedible thing I ever tasted. I do apologize to all Vegemite fans but I have no other words to describe the second most famous spreadable paste, after Nutella.

Aussie stuffHowever, the best part was a visit to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, a natural park, founded in 1927, home to a variety of Australian native species. It´s the oldest and largest koala sanctuary in the world. Below are the highlights of this amazing afternoon. WARNING: there will be high levels of cuteness…

Hug a Koala
It´s a brief but just enough experience to fall head over heels for these creatures. The park staff helps you place the koala on your lap and gently he gets cozy, with a tendency to hold on to the elevated areas around your chest. Naughty koala!

Koala MomentFeeding Kangaroos
The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary has a wide area open to public where you can interact with kangaroos. Since these animals are used to “mingle” around humans, they are docile and you can spend the whole afternoon canoodling their fur. The “ice” is easier to break if you bring along food, which you can buy at the park store. I got along with the lazy fellow in the picture below. He was sleepy, but managed to cooperate in the photo shoot.

Kangaroo Selfie CompilationKangoos_LPKoalaSanctuaryGet to know new species
Featuring the Tasmanian Devil, the largest carnivorous marsupial in the world. This top Australian predator acts like a forest cleaner once it eats its preys entirely, even half-rotten meat. They are endangered due a fatal disease called Devil Face Tumour Disease. It doesn´t have a cure yet.

Tasmanian Devil CompilationAnother highlight goes to Wombats, the cutest and rarest large marsupials in the world. They have a backward facing pouch, which protects the young from dirt, while mom wombat is digging. It also loves to sleep in a very funny way..

Wombats at Lone Pine Koala SanctuaryLast but not least, the Emu, the second largest bird in the world. A friendly Aussie version of an ostrich. You can feed them also as they share the same area with the kangaroos in the park.

Emu CompilationHope you enjoyed this trip throughout aussie wildlife! What are your favorite aussie animals?

Maria Bonifácio Lopes

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