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“Keep Calm” Bali | Indonesia #2

“Keep Calm..” Bali | Indonesia #2

Nick´s Pension was just the way I expected it. Our room had an outstanding view for a backyard of rice fields, which turned into an orchestra at night: all crawling creatures around enhanced their vocal cords. It´s totally a “into the wild” approach, specially when you go to the toilet and there´s a sticky green fellow “smiling” at you from the ceiling. In situations like this, one must keep in mind that every journey outside the comfort zone requires overcoming some kind of fear, even if it´s sticky and small in size. By the end of the trip I found myself having shower, happily ever after, with 2 or 3 of these fellows nailed on the wall. Keep calm, you´re in Bali.

Bali Nick´s Pension Bali Nick´s Pension Bali Surroundings

From all amphibious creatures, highlights for the Gecko – a “talking” reptile that repeats constantly the two syllables of his own name, like this: Ge(acute) cko(severe). It´s harmless. Loves flying and annoying beings who love to suck blood, saving us time, patience and repellent. Nevertheless, one might feel tempted to “murder” a Gecko – they tend to loud up their voices in the middle of the night, depriving everyone from a good night sleep. I believe I would burn in hell if I would do so. Bali is such a zen and harmonious place it´s unthinkable to even step a cockroach. Besides, I was unaware of size and its noise demanded “respect.” But, the Geko just fits perfectly on the portuguese saying “dog that barges doesn´t bite.”

Breakfast was mainly toasts, pancackes, fruits, tea and coffee. The staff was always smiling, full of positive vibes.

Bali Welcomes You Bali Free Wifi

The food was flavoured in spices with bittersweet sparkles. My favorite dishes were Sate Attan and Nasi Goreng.

DSC00454 Bali Landscape

Bali Landscape Bali Tea Time

Ubud is magnificent. The balinese architecture is dark in volcanic colors and moss grows on every crack. It results in a urban prairie with different green tones throughout the whole town.

Bali Bali Girls Bali details

Statue Ubud Bali Bali Temple

Bali Coq Bali kitties

Some temples are made in rocks – Tanah Lot – a sustainable and wise utilization of natural spaces (picture below). Why erect another mausoleum when you can use a rock to adore your gods?


From the range of leisure activities, highlight for the rafting, where green emerald rocky mountains arose from both sides of the river. Again, rain joined the party, but was a bonus to nature´s performance.

Bali Rafting Bali Rafting

Another remarkable moment was a night trekking to the top of a volcano, ending with the greatness of the sun rise at the top. Before we were given a energy booster breakfast: coffee and banana pancakes. Other 3 travelers joined us – Leonardo (Argentina), Ana (Colombia) and Francis (Canada). They were traveling alone and met each other on the same hostel. I´m always fascinated by people who decide to travel alone. I prefer to travel with good fellows, where moments will turn into immortalized stories when time starts weighting on a cane.


The view from the top of the volcano left us in an asthmatic state. Such a synchronizing moment with nature – the reward from being up since 2am until sun rising.

Bali Night Trekking Bali Trekking Sunrise

Bali Trekking Sunrise Bali Trekking Sunrise

Bali Trekking Sunrise Bali Trekking Sunrise

Cherry on top of the cake was the second breakfast: banana sandwiches and coffee.

 Bali 2nd Breakfast Bali Coffee

In Portuguese we say “when going down, all saints help.” In that particular case, the loose stones gave an extra help whenever the steps were not “calculated” properly. One of the tour guides told me he couldn´t with my trekking boots or else he would lose his balance – he was wearing flip-flops. My hero! Keep Calm, you´re in Bali.

Bali Going Down Bali Going Down

Bali ppl Bali Rice fields

From there we went straight to Padang to catch a boat to Gili Islands – 3 islands an hour away from Bali. After the trekking all we wanted was a boat full of tourists heavily intoxicated with hormones on full power. Keep Calm, you´re almost 28 and still in Bali.

To be continued..

Até já,

Maria Bonifácio Lopes

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