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Bali | Indonesia #1

A promise is a due – Bali | Indonesia #1

On my 27th birthday I promised myself “next year my b-day is going to be better, the best one.” Just like we fill new year´s eve with vague and cliché promises such as “I will go to the gym every day.” But, I promised myself that day. Rui Veloso, a famous Portuguese singer who always delighted my ears since childhood, used to say in one of my favorite songs “A promise is a due.”

Eat, Pray and Love

I stepped for the first time on an Airbus A380, the best inflight experience ever. You feel nothing on take-off and landing, and it´s so spacious. Plus, the flight was empty which allowed an “upgrade” from a single seat to four seats in a row. Just for me.

A380 Aircraft

The trip didn’t start quite well. In Hong Kong we were only allowed to board to Bali if we already have booked a return ticket. When traveling on staff tickets, you´re never guaranteed a seat. Isn´t it frustrating to demand a return ticket when you don´t even know if you´re boarding? It kinda turned into a cartoon battle scene: from the counter, the staff travel lady looked like a devilish Pokemon. On the other hand, me and Sofia (my traveler partner) were about to become supersonic warriors, just like Dragon Ball. We were so pissed about the situation.

Finally, we managed to board on a Cathay Pacific Boeing 747, straight to Denpasar. Being  an A380 enthusiast, I couldn´t be happier to fly the famous “Queen of the skies.” Known as “sweetheart” for majority of pilots I´ve flown with, the 747 “was the largest passenger carrier ever.” It´s first commercial flight was in 1970 with Pan Am.

Weather in Bali was warm and grey. After allocating luggage and our tired bodies in a taxi, it started raining “fat” cats and “fat” dogs. Couldn´t care less. I was totally hypnotized by the surrounding green tons. It was exactly what I wanted from that trip. Be surrounded by green, breathe green, dance along with that color.

Bali Green Vibes Bali Green Vibes Bali Statue 3

In Bali, religion is mainly Buddhist or Hindu. For Balinese people, Nature is a supreme power which all must respect and care. Therefore it is quite normal to find baskets with flowers, rice, herbs or crackers at the entrance of every house or store. Everyday, Balinese offer gods these gifts. In return, they ask protection, wealth and prosperity on their prayers.

Bali Gifts Bali Gifts

Along the way, a house passed by. It had written on the wall “Life is an offering.” That was exactly what I was doing there. Bali was a gift from me to me. “A promise is a due”.

To be continued..

Bali Door Bali Statue Bali kid

Bali Ubud Street Bali Ubud Bridge Bali Ubud Entrance

Bali Streets Bali Streets

Bali House Bali Ubud Downtown

Bali Landscape Bali Food

See you soon,

Maria Bonifácio Lopes

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