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Spa by Clarins | Mauritius

Situated in the Indian Ocean, 6 hour flight from Dubai, Mauritius is literally a paradise on earth. Turquoise water, kilometers of white sand, tropical climate and landscape – the perfect scenario for sun and sand lovers.

The airline I work for has two daily flights to Mauritius, allowing me to visit this island every once in a while.

Shandrani Spa & Resort Shandrani Spa & Resort

We stay at the Shandrani Resort & Spa, a picturesque resort nearby the airport. In addition to the beautiful and well kept gardens, water activities and beaches, there´s a facility I always pay a visit to – the Spa by Clarins.

I`m not much into spas, but this one is an exception and a priority whenever I go to Mauritius. It`s not just the quality of the products and treatments, but the space itself.

Spa by Clarins Mauritius

Spa by Clarins Mauritius Spa by Clarins Mauritius

Spa by Clarins Mauritius

It`s mostly outdoors, which allows a perfect bond with the surrounding nature. The treatments are made in outdoor cabins also. Hence the ambience could not be better: the breeze, the bushes whispering, the birds singing, the silence. Essential “ingredients” for a relaxing experience.

Spa by Clarins treatment cabin

  Spa by Clarins treatment cabin Spa by Clarins treatment cabin

Spa by Clarins also features a variety of exotic flowers, such as Hibiscus and Frangipani which emanate tropical fragrances.

Hibiscus frangipani

There`s another facility I absolutely love – the hammam or steam bath. It`s extremely relaxing and has several health benefits. Apart from reducing fat and toxins from your body, it also relaxes muscles and treats rhinitis and sinusitis. Since I was “gifted” with these last two conditions, I spend at least 30 min in the hammam.

Spa by Clarins Hammam Spa by Clarins

The Spa is sponsored by Clarins. There`s a variety of treatments: from manicure/pedicure, to facials and massages, which can be individual or for two, if one fancies to “spice” up the ambience with a better half.

Spa by Clarins Cabin for 2

Soon I`ll post about the treatments available at the Spa by Clarins and the one I like the most. For now, “stroll” around throughout this gorgeous zen place with the pictures below.

Spa by Clarins - refreshments Refreshments - Spa by Clarins

Spa by Clarins DSC07748

 Spa by Clarins Mauritius Spa by Clarins Mauritius

Do you fancy spas? What are your favorite treatments?

Maria Bonifácio Lopes

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  1. António Lopes António Lopes

    Rejuvenesce-se só de apreciar as fotografias desse Spa.
    O que acontecerá depois dos tratamentos?

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