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Viver nos ares

I fly for four years now. Felt turbulence loads of times; had couple of medical cases, even outside the aircraft; superficial incidents, nothing to worry much about. An aircraft is a second home for me. I know it´s corners, weaknesses, can even read its thoughts when the fuselage swings or the engines snore.

I consider myself a lucky chic, in many aspects of life. However, I haven´t digested yet the images of today´s news: that familiar flying “cocoon” in which I feel protected while working in the skies, plopped on the ground, bursting into flames.

Don´t know until when luck, protection will be on my side. It´s a game of human pawns, randomly sorted by dices where lucky numbers are never guaranteed. “Until when?” is an unnecessary question as the certainty of waking up tomorrow. It´s a must to live the gift of live to the fullest. “Until when?” is still such an unnecessary question as the uncertainty of coming back, safe and sound, when I say “I´m flying to India, I´ll be right back..”

Fortunately today, there were no fatalities. The fragile character inherent to our human condition was faced in a 22 minute fast and brave response, which saved 282 passengers and 18 crew. I hope it became clear now there´s more in aviation than a beautiful uniform, cosmopolitan smiles and the demand for more chicken than beef.

To the brave colleagues of flight EK521 and to everyone who, like me, shares a profession and a lifestyle on air.

To the gift of living the gift of life.

Viver Boeing-777

Maria Bonifácio Lopes

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  1. Antonio Lopes Antonio Lopes

    Querida Mary
    Só hoje li este teu excelente e estimulante texto para todos os da tua profissão.
    Parabéns e um grande beijinho do Papi muito orgulhoso da sua filhota.

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